Our Building Process

  1. Meet with a Hunziker & Assoc., Realtor to assist you in the home building process
    • Tour subdivisions and homes under construction.
    • Discuss financing.
    • Complete "customer information sheet".
  2. Meet with HCS estimator
    • Discuss house plans, lots & possession date.
    • Either receive a ballpark price at meeting or shortly after.
    • Reserve a lot. (Refundable $500 for 60 days)
  3. Meet with HCS estimator & building designer
    • Sign "design agreement".
      • This agreement is to compensate HCS for design time in the case that the perspective homeowner decides to not build the house.
    • Talk through additional plan changes, details and specifications.
  4. Designer makes plan changes and estimator finalizes price
    • Plans are updated and then sent to customer for review.
    • Once plans are approved, the final estimating process begins.
    • After customer approves final price a sign up meeting will be scheduled.
  5. Sign up meeting with HCS
    • Sign Construction Contract, Final Plans & Specifications.
    • Customer will be required to make a down payment of 1% in most cases.
    • A homeowner’s manual will be issued which will outline the balance of the building process.
Your new home construction begins!